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Welcome to the Project "Risk Assessment with R" !

This R-Forge project was first developed to help the administrators Marie-Laure Delignette Muller, Jean-Baptiste Denis, Regis Pouillot and Christophe Dutang to share elements from the R packages they are building. Now, the R-forge project aims to provide beta versions of forthcoming functionalities that will be later on CRAN.

fitdistrplus: Fitting a Parametric Distribution from Data

fitdistrplus” is a set of functions specifically written:

A stable version is available on CRAN here. A paper on this package has been published in the JSS here.

mc2d: Tools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations

"mc2d" is a set of functions specially written to:

A stable version is available on CRAN here!

documair: Automatic documentation for R packages

"documair" gives a way to bind the coding effort with the documentation effort in unique files, producing from them the package until the preparation of the 'pkg.tar.gz'.

A stable version is available on CRAN here!

rbmn: Handling Linear Gaussian Bayesian Networks

"rbmn" proposes a series of functions to handle Linear Gaussian Bayesian networks with specific interface with the bnlearn package of Marco Scutari.


is associated with the checks of results proposed in the technical report 'Decomposing Square Matrices, J.-B. Denis, RT-2014-3, Inra-Miaj' where symmetrical and anti-symmetrical orthogonal decompositions of square matrices are investigated.


mainly aims to provide general functions to display sets of related images through html pages.

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